Crypto Banking

Is your bank set up as a digital money provider?

This is where our White Label steps in. Whether you are a community bank in an emerging country or a globally operating merchant bank engaged in trade finance, Payment21® offers you a custom-made solution for digital cash transactions. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) enables you to process bitcoin on behalf of your customers, or perhaps you just want to go ahead and start banking your very own proprietary coin. Either way, you can send, receive, screen and manage digital payments via the Internet.

The Payment21®proposition allows partnering banks to explore bankable opportunities in the Bitcoin community and benefit from an emerging payment method. If a Financial Institution (FI) wants to offer an online payment processing service to its business clients allowing them to accept digital cash such as bitcoin, they must acquire expensive software, allocate IT resources, and hire professionals for implementation and maintenance. All of this can take months to implement and finalize. In the end, the whole project can be very costly. Our state-of-the-art custom-made White Label gives banks an alternative option to enter crypto payment markets quickly.

Payment21® allows partnering banks to integrate crypto payments into their legacy payment systems. Our solution enables your bank to "re-brand" our turnkey system with the bank's logo and contact information, effectively starting an additional line of business with your brand name. Our White Label is ready to use with fast integration and low setup fees, empowering banks to begin offering crypto payments processing in just days. You do not need to purchase hardware or supply a workforce. Everything is provided by Payment21®.

Payment21® offers a commercial proposition to banks providing access to a unique next-generation payment network with the benefit of earning additional income. Collaborating with Payment21® provides revenue streams to partners such as financial institutions, forex brokers, money transfer operators (MTOs), payment service providers, and treasury departments of multinational corporations.

Besides providing White Label services, Payment21® offers co-branding options to banking partners. The business case for acquiring and issuing banks refers to the number of transactions originated by users affiliated with the bank. In this partnership scenario, banks acquire merchant accounts for processing crypto payments and issue branded crypto wallets – just like card related services are offered through traditional payment schemes. Partners earn commissions on transaction fees and residual income from user referrals. The process works similarly to interchange fees, although we pay commissions based on a revenue-sharing model rather than paying fees as is done in the payment card industry.

Establishing a relationship with Payment21® enables banks to differentiate themselves by providing distinct financial services, offering their clients a one-stop connection point. Our crypto transaction services are designed to cut the wait time on international fund transfers from a few days down to a few minutes. This is the missing piece of the transaction system inside the current interbank infrastructure when it comes to cross-border payments.

In today’s world, financial organizations clear and settle transactions within the stipulated times. Banks, investment companies, hedge funds and large corporations have access to the interbank system and utilize the network to their advantage. Digital money makes this superior level of efficiency available to everyone on the planet by giving access to the same level of speed, certainty and confidence. Payment21® claims the right to financial freedom for all by offering disruptive technology that enables anyone to move money globally as fast as major banks move their funds.

Begin accepting digital payments in 5 easy steps.